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Deploy drug programs on our platform to accelerate the 
discovery and development of your new breakthrough.

We produce human data to bring winning assets to the clinic and beyond.

END-To-End Collaboration


By leveraging our automated platform, we’ve been able to uniquely leverage the scalable interrogation of our lab-grown human organ tissues to accelerate scientific advancement in over half of the top-10 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Faster Time-To-Market

Accelerate the discovery & development of novel therapeutics from functional genomics all the way to late-stage clinical trials.

Innovative Collaboration

Get access to Vivodyne’s cutting-edge technology, research methodology and specialized expertise.

Predictive Discoveries

Enter late-stage clinical trials with unrivaled confidence in a thoroughly vetted asset.

Intelligent Discovery

Predictive AI-modeling

AI used in drug discovery and development processAI drug discovery process

Developed from our wide and deep human datasets, we use our supervised & unsupervised learning pipelines along with our reinforcement learning engine to:

  • Identify & profile new targets and nominate drug candidates with the highest likelihood of success.
  • Accurately model the druggability of new targets, the efficacy of new leads, off-target effects and toxicities, and interactions with other drugs.
  • Iteratively refine combination therapies and the targeting efficiency of compounds spanning small molecules, biologics, mRNA-laden LNPs, cell therapies, & antibody-drug conjugates.

Our preclinical human data platform.

Deploy lifelike human organs in a fully automated biolab at high throughput — in your facilities or ours.

Bone marrow organ on a chip model mobilizing neutrophils under confocal microscope
Bone marrow organ on a chip model mobilizing neutrophils under confocal microscope

Lab-Grown Human Organs

Our portfolio of lifelike human organs yields realistic, reproducible, and clinically predictive human data across the many human organ systems — in both health and disease.

Robotic arm pipetting organs-on-chips for drug discovery experiments
Robotic arm pipetting organs-on-chips for drug discovery experiments

Massive Automated Studies

Each of our proprietary Data Engine machines tests on 10,000+ independent human tissues at a time, yielding vivarium-scale output in the footprint of a lab bench.


AI-Scale Human Data

Advanced multimodal AI that designs & deploys experiments to refine new targets & therapies. Human data fuels a superhuman pace.

Innovation is by your side.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts brought together to tackle one of the world's most challenging and high impact problems — accelerating the development of life-saving therapeutics with greater precision, speed, and certainty.

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Our Platform

A scalable infrastructure & AI platform for sophisticated, large-scale experimentation on lab-grown human organ tissues.