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Modeling Integrated Human Physiology - AWS Health Innovation Podcast (Episode 87)

May 14, 2024
Press Team

Our CEO Andrei Georgescu recently joined Yin He on episode 87 of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast. In this insightful interview, Andrei shares the compelling story behind the inception of Vivodyne, revealing the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize drug discovery and development. By producing human data before a drug enters the clinic, he shares how our platform is poised to redefine industry standards, with the convergence of complex human biology, robotics, and AI.

I really was blown away by this ability to see human tissue growing in a piece of plastic in front of me.

Key highlights of this podcast includes:

  • How our microfluidic platform revolutionizes drug discovery by providing unprecedented insights into human biology
  • The key innovation behind our bottom-up self-assembly approach to grow complex human tissues
  • How our platform aligns with ethical principles by displacing animal testing
  • The immense challenge we are tackling by enabling AI modeling of integrated human physiology
  • Advice from our CEO for biotech entrepreneurs on embracing transformative innovation

... and so much more.

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